Pegasus World Cup 2021

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The winner of the Pegasus World Cup 2020 is Mucho Gusto! Pegasus 2021 will take place on Saturday, January 21.

Watch the full 2020 race here:

Read more to find out about the entries, the purse, and the betting options.

Pegasus World Cup Betting

There is a lot of interest in which horse to bet on in the Pegasus World Cup. It is one of the highest-profile horse races that take place every year and it always attracts large sums of bets. 

All racebooks that cater to horse racing will have a variety of markets on offer for the Pegasus World Cup. These Pegasus betting markets usually go live when the list of entries are set. 

Perhaps the most popular option for betting on the Pegasus World Cup for racing enthusiasts is through TVG. This is a platform that lives and breathes horse racing, not catering for any other sports. You can even watch live streams of the races you bet on through the TVG platform. 

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While there are always great meetings taking place across the world for horse racing, the Pegasus World Cup always is one of the biggest to bet on. This is largely due to the caliber of horse and jockey that takes part in this race, as well as the massive prize pool on offer. 

Both of the races that are now part of the Pegasus World Cup will be enticing for bettors who hope to get their own slice of the glory on race days. 

Pegasus World Cup Betting Tips & Predictions 

As the final list of Pegasus World Cup entries is not yet official, giving tips and predictions about the horses to bet on in the Pegasus World Cup races is a tricky one. 

Until you know the level of competition that is in the field and what jockeys will be on what horses, there is a lot of speculation. Some of the key factors to look at naturally are going to be course form and current form. 

You want to see what types of results each horse has had at the same length of race and in the same conditions that will be on race day. Naturally, all of the horses in the race are going to have very good perigees and results to date. Otherwise, their owners would not pay $500,000 to enter the horse. 

pegasus world cup betting
Pegasus & Dragon statue in the Gulfstream in Hallandale, Florida. Wikimedia CC

About the Pegasus World Cup

The first iteration of the event took place in 2017. Its purse was catching the attention of racing and non-racing fans alike. It was a hefty $12 million in total.

The Pegasus World Cup takes place in January each year. The race is over nine furlongs and it is in Florida. It takes place on the premium track at Gulfstream Park, which is in Hallandale Beach. 

The interest in this event is growing massively year on year, becoming something people look forward to annually in the United States racing calendar, as well as having keen onlookers from further abroad.

The name for this race comes from a Greek mythical horse, of which there is a statue that is 110 feet tall at Gulfstream Park. 

In order to boost the prize purse beyond what the entrants pay, the racecourse itself will give $4 million for the purses. There is an option available to those who have paid the $500,000 entry fee to lease or sell their position in the starting gate if this is something they want to do. 

This means that there are now a couple of races across the world with bigger purses. These are the Dubai World Cup, that has a race purse of $12 million. There is also a new race that has been dubbed as the Saudi Cup. It will have its first iteration during 2020 with a purse of $20 million. 

Pegasus Horses Races Winners 

With the Pegasus World Cup 2021 iteration being keenly anticipated by racing fans all across the world, you can pass some of the time by checking out some of the previous winners of this race. This will also allow you to prepare for your Pegasus World Cup betting picks.

  • 2020 – Mucho Gusto (2/1)
  • 2019 – City of Light (5/2)
  • 2018 – Gun Runner (5/7)
  • 2017 – Arrogate (4/5)

Pegasus World Cup History

The Pegasus World Cup first took place on January 28, 2017. At the time, it was the richest racing event in the world, having a purse of $12 million. This record is no longer active. The idea for this race was first proposed in January 2016 by Frank Stronach at the Thoroughbred Owners Conference that was taking place at Gulfstream Park. 

The timing of the event deliberately was set in order to avoid a potential clash with the likes of the Dubai World Cup or the Breeders’ Cup. It was also good timing for any horses looking to have one more race before the retirement stud kicks in during February. 

The first race was announced in May 2016. Each of the entrants was asked to pay an entry fee of $1 million. As well as having the right to sell these positions, the entrants also take home a share of the race’s net income. A shareholder can enter as many as two horses.

For the 2019 renewal, there was an overall purse of $19 million with the extra race in the meeting. Of this sum, $9 million was for the traditional Pegasus World Cup dirt race, whereas the turf race had a purse of $7 million, with an additional $1 million worth of bonus money also being up for grabs. 

The entry fee dropped to $500,000 in 2019, with a dozen entrants available for each of the races. If the same owner is victories in both of the races, they will get the $1 million of bonus money. 

Eclipse Award

At the Pegasus World Cup each year, the Eclipse Award is handed out. This is the award for the winner of each thoroughbred horse racing division. There are twenty different categories for this award. The American Award for Horse of the Year is the most prestigious of the Eclipse Award categories.


What is the Pegasus World Cup?

The Pegasus World Cup is one of the richest horse racing events in the world today. It began in 2017 with a purse for the single race of $16 million. As there is now an additional race, the prize pool for the single race is not as large. Therefore, the most lucrative race in the world honor has now gone elsewhere. 

Where is the Pegasus World Cup?

The Pegasus World Cup takes place every year in January at Gulfstream Park in Hallandale Beach, Florida.

When is the Pegasus World Cup?

The Pegasus World Cup usually takes place towards the end of January. The 2021 Pegasus World Cup will take place on January 21. 

Where can I watch the Pegasus Cup live?

You can view the Pegasus World Cup live on most horse racing channels. NBC will be broadcasting the race live. You can also opt for Pegasus World Cup streaming vias TVG, who will also provide commentary. This is possible when you have made a bet on the race.