Preakness Odds

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Are you looking for where to get Preakness odds, how to place your bets, and where? Well, we’ve got you covered.

The next Preakness Stakes race will take place on May 15, 2021. In the meantime, look back at last year’s odds.

Preakness Stakes Odds 2020

Here are the Morning Line Preakness odds according to Horse Racing Nation*:

Horse & Post Position Fractional OddsAmerican Odds
1. Excession30-1+3000
2. Mr Big News12-1+1200
3. Art Collector5-2+250
4. Swiss Skydiver6-1+600
5. Thousand Words6-1+600
6. Jesus’ Team30-1+3000
7. Ny Traffic15-1+1500
8. Max Player15-1+1500
9. Authentic9-5+180
10. Pneumatic20-1+2000
11. Liveyourbeastlife30-1+3000

*ML odds according to Odds are subject to change.

preakness odds
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Where to Get Live Preakness Odds?

Betting on track is wonderful and hugely exciting, but it cannot be for everybody. Triple Crown races are watched and wagered on right around the world. Preakness Stakes online betting, therefore, is the way to go, as long as you know how to find the right info.

To wager online and see the latest Preakness Stakes odds, the best thing to do is simply sign up with a reputable online horse betting site. These sites will let you see all the latest odds, in whatever style you like.

Our recommended operators are certified, all fully licensed, and all safe. You can bet with any of them in a safe, secure, and fast way. Most operators allow you to choose fractional or decimal odds, while others show their prices in the American odds format. We have more details on what these all mean below to help you along.

Betting Via Apps

Online wagering has come a long, long way in recent years. While betting online can be done via a laptop, apps are an even easier and just as reliable a way to strike your Preakness Stakes bets.
Betting apps can be downloaded for any smartphone or tablet, with iOS and Android supported by most of the major betting operators.

These days, most reputable companies offer apps for betting on horse racing as well as other sports and events. They now have all the information and promotions you’ll find on the main site. And, all of this comes with the added convenience of being able to bet while on the move.

Try if you can find a betting operator that offers live streaming too. That way, you can place your Preakness bets and sit back in comfort while you watch the big race play out at Pimlico.

To wager on the final Triple Crown race of the season, we recommend you do so with these operators:

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Understanding Preakness Odds

Getting involved in Triple Crown races is fantastic, and betting sensibly is the way to do it. With that in mind, you’ll need to know how to read horse racing odds to make sure you get the most out of the race and out of your wagers.

It’s important to understand the Preakness odds and post positions, which are available the week of the race. The wider your horse is drawn, in theory at least, the harder it will be for it to win. It is also crucial to know all about the Preakness Stakes horses and what chance they have on the form.

Above all else though, especially if you’re not a pro handicapper, you should ensure you educate yourself on the different kinds of bets you will come across, and how to work out what chance your horse truly has of winning.
Whether you’re a straight-up ‘win’ bet type of player, or an exotics bettor, knowing the fractions will come in more than a little handy.

Different Bet Types and Odds Available

Essentially, there are three different types of odds you may come across. Moneyline odds, Decimals and Fractional odds may also be available when you check out the Preakness horse racing odds.
With a couple of more details, you can understand the Preakness odds properly when go-time comes on October 3.

Understanding the Preakness Stakes odds then is a huge part of forming your wagers. Fractional odds represent the ratio of the amount won versus the amount wagered, i.e your stake.

Decimal odds show the amount you would win for every dollar staked, including the initial outlay. Moneyline or ‘American’ odds always show up the amount you would need to wager in order to win $100, or the amount you win for every $100 wagered. This depends on whether there is a positive or negative sign in front of the number.

When playing online, you can click on your chosen horse and enter a stake. Your potential returns are always shown, so you can play around a little with this to see how much you can win. Otherwise, you can work out your Preakness odds like this:

  • Positive (+) Moneyline/American odds bets equation: Profit = (Stake x Odds) / 100
  • Negative (-) Moneyline/American odds bets equation: Profit = (Stake/Odds) x 100
  • Decimal odds bets equation: Profit = (Stake x Odds) – Stake
  • Fractional odds bets equation: Profit = (Stake/Denominator) x Numerator

The most common you will see are fractional odds. Put simply, if your horse is 5/1 and you place a winning bet at $10, you will receive $60 back – $50 profit at five to one plus your original $10 stake. Understanding how to work out your Preakness Stakes odds will help enormously when it comes to picking your horses on the big day.

Preakness Odds Converter

To keep things nice and simple, use our handy converter to calculate the probability of a horse winning the Preakness. Enter the fractional live Preakness odds for your horse and you’ll see their value in both decimal and American odds. Also, you can see the percentage chance your horse has of winning.

Odds Converter

Enter Your Odds (Converts Automatically)

FractionDecimalAmericanImplied Probability (%)
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