Kentucky Derby Futures

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If you have no idea what Kentucky Futures are, you need to learn now. So, we will look into the types of bets that these are, why and where to place them, and more.

kentucky derby futures
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Kentucky Derby Future Wagers

Now, you may not even know what Kentucky Derby future wagers are. KY Derby futures allow horse racing fans to bet on the potential entrants into the Derby. And, this is before the entrants have actually been accepted and chosen for the Kentucky Derby for the year.

You can place these Derby futures on online racebooks that feature future bets for the Derby. An online racebook like TVG is a great place to look for your Kentucky Derby futures odds and to place your bets. And, there are other online racebooks that will offer these future bets as well.

When you are betting on futures, you are betting on the Kentucky Derby horses that you believe will be chosen for the prestigious horse race. You can place Win and Exacta bets when you are betting on KY Derby futures. These futures bets tend to offer good odds as well as larger payouts than you would get betting on the same horse on the day of the race.

The Kentucky Derby as well as The Kentucky Oaks pools both are comprised of twenty-four wagering interests. These include twenty-two specific horses as well as a mutuel field, also known as “all others” of interest. This “All Others” option, which is listed at numbers 23 & 24, contains all the 3-year-old fillies as well as all of the leftover 3-year-old colts and geldings.

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 1

The Kentucky Derby futures pool 1 is already closed, so, unfortunately, you cannot place your bets in this pool. Pool 1 took place on November 26th – 12 PM – November 29th, 2020, a few months before the beginning of pool 2. A Kentucky Derby Sire Pool bet runs at the same time as pool 1.

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 2

The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 2 will be available from January 22nd – 12 PM – January 24, 2021 – 6 PM.

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 3

The Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 3 will be available from February 12th – 12 PM – February 14th, 2021 – 6 PM . The Kentucky Oaks Future Wager is also offered during the Kentucky Derby Futures Wager Pool 3. Plus, the Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby Double Feature is also offered with KDFW Pool 3.

Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 4

So, the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 4 will be available from March 5th – 12 PM – March 7th, 2021 – 6 PM. This means you will need to keep these dates in mind if you are looking to place your Kentucky Derby future bets. And, the Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 4 is the last of the futures pools before the Derby.

Kentucky Oaks Futures

As mentioned before, the Kentucky Oaks Future Wager is offered during the third pool of the Kentucky Derby Futures Wager pools. So, this means that the Kentucky Oaks Futures Pool 3 will be available on March 5th – 12 PM – March 7th, 2021 – 6:30 PM. The Kentucky Oaks futures bets are very similar to the bets you will place on Kentucky Derby futures. 

Kentucky Oaks & Derby Double Future Wager

As also mentioned before, The Kentucky Oaks/Derby Double Feature will be available with Kentucky Derby Futures Pool 3. So, that means that the Kentucky Oaks/Derby Double Future Wager will be made available at the same time as pool 3 on March 6th, 2020. But, you should always make sure you have properly done your research in order to place the best bets possible.

Futures Betting Rules

There are no refunds when it comes to futures betting. The Kentucky Derby Futures Wager is comprised of four separate wagering pools. The winner of each pool will be determined by the official first place champion of the Kentucky Derby. 

But, in the event the Kentucky Derby is not run that year or does not end in an official winner, all bets placed in the Kentucky Derby Future Wager and Kentucky Derby Sires Future Wager will be refunded. So, keep that in mind for all of your Kentucky Derby online betting

Risks and Advantages

Of course, there are risks and advantages for any bets you place. We shall discuss the risks and advantages associated with the Kentucky Derby futures below.

The Advantages Are:

  • Higher payouts for winning bets 
  • Nicer odds when placing these future bets (which lead to higher payouts)
  • Starting your excitement for the Kentucky Derby even earlier in the season

The risks are:

  • The horse you bet on might not make it to the Kentucky Derby at all
  • There is a wide variety of horses for you to choose from
  • It is hard to place a bet that far in the future