Kentucky Derby Online Betting

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One of the most famous horse races in the world is the Kentucky Derby. It is a proud American tradition dating back to its first horse race in 1875. The Kentucky Derby is such a prestigious event that it has run uninterrupted since then, even throughout the Great Depression and both World Wars.

The Triple Crown of thoroughbred racing is made up of the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness Stakes, and the Belmont Stakes. Only 13 horses have ever managed to win all three of these events in the same year, including the most recent, Justify, who won all three races last year and was a KY Derby betting favourite.

After earning this amazing achievement, Justify has moved on into retirement and now the 2019 Kentucky Derby could be any horse’s race! Keep reading to find the KY Derby odds for the first race, along with predictions on who will be the champion of the Kentucky Derby 2019.

Kentucky Derby Betting Online 2020

The thrill of horse racing, of course, is picking the winner and the same goes for the Kentucky Derby. In the weeks leading up to the race, the odds will be hotly debated online, on sports betting sites and even on live streams. Everybody will be searching for Kentucky Derby predictions and trying to find out insider information, so make sure you start doing your research early and can confidently place your bets come race day.

Some of the things you will want to research before deciding who to bet on is their weight, age down to the month, their form, their trainer, and jockey. All of this information will help with your Kentucky Derby predictions.

Best Kentucky Derby Betting and Live Stream Websites

In order to live stream the KY Derby, all it will take is a quick (free) sign up on one of the above sites, and you will be able to watch the live stream of the race from the comfort of your couch!

The Kentucky Derby betting is a much-beloved tradition for many people, even casual gamblers, from all over the world. There is nothing more thrilling than seeing your favorite horse on the Kentucky Derby live stream and rooting for them to achieve Triple Crown glory.  

The Kentucky Derby without a doubt is a must-see event on the American sporting calendar – whether you watch it in the stands, your horse racing app or you live stream it at home. It is also one of the biggest sports betting events in the world, where novice and experienced bettors take their shot at picking a winner – it truly is a thrill that you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.  

Kentucky Derby Picks and Predictions 2019

To become a Triple Crown winner, you would first need to win the first race, the Kentucky Derby. Here are some of the horses who have a good shot at the title accordingly:


Improbable is trained by Bob Baffert and has moved into Justify’s old stall. Improbable already has a great track record of wins under his belt and he is definitely a favorite to be up there in the Derby lines.  

Game Winner and Mucho Gusto

Game Winner and Mucho Gusto are also trained by Bob Baffert and are great Kentucky Derby tips for race day. Many people are betting on these two underdogs to up their game in the KY Derby 2019.

War of Will

War of Will, having been trained by Mark Casse, remains a major threat to any of the other horses in the race, including Bob Baffert’s horses. With an impressive racing career this far, War of Will is a fast favorite for winning the Kentucky Derby this year.

While the above 4 horses will probably all make the cut, it will be interesting to see who else makes it, seeing that there are only 20 places available. The current Kentucky Derby predictions are changing all the time as there is an extremely close points system for those around the 20 mark.

Other horses and bets to look out for in Kentucky Derby betting

As far as the usual suspects go, the betting favorites, namely; Cairo Cat and Complexity, they will not be racing in this year’s derby. Sad to say. Horses to look out for though, include Gunmetal Gray, Knicks Go, Signalman, and Country House.

Other favorites, more so for the odds of the middle bets, as they seem to fall on the following choices: Tax, Long Range Toddy, and Maximus Mischief. Keep a keen eye out for who else will be taking to the fast lanes at the derby this year, it’s bound to be an interesting ride!

It may not be as easy as just picking one’s favorites, as the KY Derby offers quite a few variations when it comes to placing bets with confidence. There have been many years when the top picks continue to surprise and end up a little bit lower down the line then was to be expected, and vice versa, certain surprise wins have also left the field that is the KY Derby. This year will undoubtedly bring many surprises to light too.

Kentucky Derby Live Stream and Horse Racing

Be sure to diarise the most anticipated Kentucky Derby, as it usually strides into a gallop on the first Saturday of May. This year will see the first of the racing start bright and early on May the 4th. This is when the Churchill Downs Racetrack, in Louisville will come to life with pedigrees, racing favourite, newcomers and more.

Being the first of the Triple Crown races, the KY Derby is bound to set the pace. Next up, we will see the Preakness Stakes taking center stage, to be held on the 3rd Saturday in May, followed closely by the Belmont Stakes, which generally falls on the 4th Saturday of May.

Regarded as perhaps the most prestigious leg of the Triple Crown stakes, the Kentucky Derby has gained in popularity and is quite famous, to say the least.

With over 150,000 attendees flocking to the Race Days, the Kentucky Derby is indeed a largely popular event, and with the advent of live streaming now taking center stage, you can add hundreds upon thousands to that tally of fans watching keenly on Race Day, from across the globe!

Most fans already know this full well, but always bear in mind when placing those stakes that the Kentucky Derby is a Grade I stakes race, which means that only 3-year old thoroughbred horses are eligible to compete in the race. When considering your odds, don’t forget that there has, to date, only been three fillies that have ever won in the history of this superb race, the Kentucky Derby.