What Is a Win Place Show Bet?

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There are a number of ways to bet on horse racing, but win place show bets are among the most common. With plenty of exotic bets to choose from, these types of bets are the easiest to understand for online horse betting.

There are plenty of different factors that will affect the win place show payout.

win place show bet

What does Win Place Show Mean?

Instead of only saying first, second, and third, these are horse betting terms. A win place show bet is simply a different way to say what horses finished in the top three.

  • Win – 1st
  • Place – 2nd
  • Show – 3rd

Win place show payouts are determined in how you bet and the odds of the horse. Since these payouts happen more frequently than exotic bets, they tend to be a much lower amount. Win place show bets are considered straight bets.

Different Ways to Bet Online

Even though these are simple, there are still a variety of ways to place win place show bets. Here we will look at all of the different ways to do so and what they mean. Online racebooks will have all of these different options on the site.

We will use the 2019 Kentucky Derby for examples of win place show payouts.

What Is a Win Bet?

A win bet is placed on a single horse to win the race. The ticket can only be cashed if that horse crosses first. This is the most common bet in horse racing. The odds related to each horse will be their odds to win the race.

Country House won the 2019 Kentucky Derby at 65-1 odds. A win bet placed on this horse would have paid $132.40 for a $2 bet. In this case, he was a longshot and the payout was great!

What Is a Place Bet?

What does place mean in horse racing? As discussed, this is when the horse finishes in the second position.

When placing a place bet on a horse, the horse can either finish in first or second to cash the ticket. It doesn’t mean the horse has to come in second place. Because of the greater odds you have in a place bet, the payout will be less than a win bet.

In last year’s Kentucky Derby, both Country House and Code of Honor would have paid for this straight bet. Country House paid out $56.60 for this $2 bet while Code of Honor’s amount was $15.20.

Since Code of Honor’s odds were much better, the payout for that particular horse is lower.

What Is a Show Bet?

What does show mean in horse racing? Show is the horse that crosses the finish line in third place, so this bet has even a greater chance to hit!

Placing a show bet on a horse will mean that you will get paid if the horse finishes in first, second, or third. But the payout will be even lower than a place bet.

Even if the horse finishes in the first place, the bettor will still win the amount for third place. This is a good bet to increase your odds to win, but you will get paid out the least amount.

The 2019 Kentucky Derby finished in the order of Country House, Code of Honor, and Tacticus after the disqualification that was involved. A show bet on any of these horses would have paid out.

  • Country House: $24.60
  • Code of Honor: $9.80
  • Tacticus: $5.60

What Is a Win Place Bet?

A win place bet is just like placing both of those bets at the same time. A $2 win, place bet will cost $4. If the horse wins, you win both amounts. But a second-place finish will only payout the place amount.

The $4 bet on Country House in last year’s Kentucky Derby paid out both the $132.40 win and $56.60 show. The ticket payout was $189.

If the bet was on Code of Honor, there was only one amount to cash out. Basically, losing a $2 bet while cashing out the other $2. The win would have been the same as a simple place bet cashing out at $15.20

What Is a Win Place Show Bet?

A win place show bet is also known as “across the board”. This is the act of placing a win, place, and show bets all together. This is the equivalent of doing all three bets discussed above at the same time, on a single horse.

If you place a $2 win place show bet on a horse, then the total bet will cost $6. If the horse finishes first, you get paid out for the win, place, and show amounts. But if the horse finishes third, you only get the show amount.

In this bet, it is possible for a horse to come in third and the bettor still lose money. If the horse has low odds, then the show amount cashed might not cover the entire $6 bet.

A win place show bet, or across the board on Country House in last year’s Kentucky Derby paid out great. In this case, your win place show payout would include all three amounts.

  • Win: $132.40
  • Place: $56.60
  • Show: $24.60

In other words, a $2 win place show bet would’ve cost $6 and the win place show payout was $213.60.

Bettors cashed out both place and show bets on this wager for Code of Honor. This payout was $25.

The win, place, show bet for Tacticus was one where bettors cashed a ticket, but money was lost because of his short odds. The total bet was $6, but his show amount only paid. The entire win place show payout was $5.60