What is a Quinella Bet?

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While still an ‘exotic’, the quinella bet is probably the easiest to get right along with the exacta. All you need to complete this wager is to pick two or more horses. If you get the first two past the wire, you’re a winner! Read more about the quinella bet and its different variations in our guide below.

Are There Different Types of Quinella Bet?

As with most online horse betting, there are different ways to place a quinella bet. The quinella horse bet essentially comes in three different forms: straight, box, and wheel.

Straight Quinella

The straight quinella bet is essentially one single bet on two horses. The chosen horses must then finish first and second in any order for the bet to payout.

Quinella Box

The popular quinella box wager takes things off in a little more of an intricate area. As a player, you choose more than two horses and pay more to bet each possible top-two combination.

For instance, if you place this bet: $2 quinella box on horses 1-6-10. This bet is now a $2 quinella on 1-6, a $2 bet on 1-10 and a third on 6-10. There are three combinations here at $2 each, so it’s a $6 wager in total.

You can add more horses into your wager if you like but the bigger the ticket becomes, the more it will cost you.

Quinella Wheel

A great quinella bet is the wheel, a classic combination wager. The quinella wheel is similar to the box, apart from the fact that the player chooses one horse to be in all bets with the others named to be combined with it.

Should a player be certain that horse 7 will be in the first two, but they aren’t as sure as to who will join it at the wire, they can use the quinella wheel to cover the possibilities.

Say the player is set on horse 7 and also likes 1, 4 &10. The bet would be $2 quinella wheel on ‘2, with 1-4-10’. This makes the total wager $6. The combinations are 7-1 or 1-7, 7-4 or 4-7 and 7-10 or 10-7. This is known as part-wheel, where some of the horses are excluded of the quinella wheel.

quinella bet

Quinella vs Exacta

There are a bunch of exotic wagers for bettors to play around with. The trifecta and the superfecta are popular on the track, while quinellas and exactas are great to play online.

The difference between quinella and exacta bets are subtle but important. With a quinella bet the player chooses two horses. The order they finish in doesn’t matter, as explained, as long as they are first and second.

With the exacta, the player is tasked with finding two horses to finish first and second in the exact order, hence the name. Players can also “box” their exacta, meaning the two chosen horses can again finish in any order and it will cost double to place the wager.

The key difference then in knowing what is a quinella bet and what is an exacta, is that the quinella bet is one wager while the boxed exacta is two.

So, if you wager $2 on a quinella that is the total cost of the bett. If you bet $2 on an exacta box, the price overall is $4. Lastly, remember that these are two different betting pools and so will payout differently.

How Do I Place a Quinella Online?

Now you know what is a quinella bet and what is an exacta box, you want to wager online. Be sure to check out the various horse betting terms offered by your chosen bookie, take any bonuses on offer and increase your chances of profit. You might notice that some online racebooks do not offer this type of bet. This is only because other types of bets such as win, place, show or trifectas are more commonly placed and the demand for quinella bets is lower.

To place the quinella, simply click onto your chosen horse race. Different brands and platforms will vary in layout. Bet types are listed to the side or above the race card and this is where you’ll find the quinella.

Simply make your picks and keep an eye on the overall ticket price before placing the bet.

How Much Do I Need to Stake?

The minimum quinella horse bet is usually $1, but some tracks keep a $2 minimum. Whatever the track has set, your online platform will match.

Quinella Payout

Potentially, winnings are unlimited with quinellas. A quinella payout is ultimately determined by the pari-mutuel system, meaning that the payouts depend on the amount that has been collected in the betting pool. Watch for live payoff amounts for each market and bet type, though it is confirmed officially once the final result is known.

Quinella Bet Conclusion

Although not the most popular bet, the quinella still deserves attention and is worth at least to have in your vocabulary when you talk to experienced bettors and handicappers. Knowing your quinella from your trifecta will definitely show them that you know what you’re talking about! You will find plenty more of useful information by browsing through our horse racing betting guides page.