Belmont Stakes Online Betting: The Final Leg

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The Belmont race is one of the biggest horse races in the entire world. The nickname of the race is ‘The Test of the Champion’, and of all three Triple Crown events, the Belmont Stakes has been around the longest. Hence, Belmont Stakes online betting is very popular.

Belmont Stakes Online Betting
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About the Belmont Stakes

This race did not earn its nickname without good reason: in addition to being the oldest Triple Crown race, it is also the final race and has the longest track. There is not a Triple Crown winner every year, but the possibility of one makes the Belmont Stakes betting one of the most exciting horse races of the year.

In the history of the Triple Crown, there have only been thirteen winners. The most recent Triple Crown victory happened last year in 2018. Justify raced to victory at the Belmont Stakes, joining other famous Triple Crown winners like Secretariat and Man O’ War. Will there be a fourteenth Triple Crown winner this year? By the time the Belmont Stakes rolls around, experts have a better idea what the odds of that are.

Best Belmont Stakes Picks & Predictions 2020

The way the Triple Crown works is only those horses that have won the previous races are automatically entered into the next one. For the Belmont Stakes, the horses automatically entered will have won both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes. Depending on how things have gone, this leaves limited space for other entries. As Belmont Stakes is the last race, it has the strictest selection and only the best horses are entered.

Belmont Stakes Online Betting Picks 2019

In order to qualify for the Triple Crown, a horse must be at least three years old. Due to this most eligible horses and their trainers are already well known. Top Trainer Bob Baffert has three horses that are being talked about as possible victors. These horses seem likely to pull it at least a win, but could possibly take the Triple Crown.

Baffert’s three horses are named Improbable, Game Winner, and Mucho Gusto. Currently, more people are picking Improbable and Game Winner as their predicted Belmont Stakes victor. Make sure you do your research before placing your bets in this year’s Belmont Stakes, as there are many other trainers hoping to disturb Baffert’s seat at the top.

Of all the horses vying for the top spot of the list of favorites, War of Will and Vekoma look to be two of the most exciting. It will be interesting to see who claims the top spot.

There have been many times in the history of the race when a horse who was not considered one of the Belmont Stakes betting odds favorites goes on to win it. Some horses that could have a shot at doing that this year include Instagrand, Gunmetal Gray, Signalman, and Tax and Country House. While not considered betting favorites, if these horses qualify and give strong performances in the initial two Triple Crown events, they could have a chance of winning the Belmont Stakes.

The Belmont Stakes picks depend greatly on those first races in Louisville and Baltimore. Sometimes the best move is to bet on a horse who has not been deemed a Triple Crown threat. It all depends on your personal betting strategy. A horse predicted to take the Triple Crown will be a popular Belmont Stakes betting option.

About the Belmont Stakes Horse Racing

The Belmont Stakes is the last of the three Triple Crown races. It began in 1867 and consists of 1.5 miles of a dirt track. Some consider it the most difficult of the three races, as the horses are likely tired from the Preakness Stakes and the Kentucky Derby. There is a two-week gap between the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, but the Belmont Stakes are only a week after that. This does not give the horses much time to rest before their last shot at the coveted Triple Crown title. Of course, this only adds to the excitement.  

In addition to being called, the ‘The Test of the Champion’ Belmont is also called ‘The Run for the Carnations’ in reference to the garlands of flowers draped over the winner. The winner in Kentucky receives roses, and the winner In Preakness receives black-eyed Susans.

The Belmont Stakes race is located in Belmont Park in New York, and there is always a large turnout. The race is also televised, with many choosing to tune in rather than travel all that way. If the Triple Crown is on, the anticipation is sky-high. But even if it is not there is still plenty of excitement surrounding one of the most prestigious horse racing events in the world.

Belmont Stakes Online Betting & Live Streaming

Accurate odds for the Belmont Stakes Betting will often have to wait until the winner of the previous two races is known. One exciting angle of online horse betting on the Belmont Stakes is trying to guess if any horse will emerge as the next great Triple Crown Champion.

There are many considerable websites where you can place your bets and view the live stream of the Belmont Stakes, including TVG, BetAmerica, Twinspires, MyBookie, Xpressbonus, and Nyra. Many sites offer a Belmont Live stream through their websites. Some will offer the live stream through an app as well.

WebsiteLivestreamJoin Bonus
TVGYesFree $20 bet plus $100 bonus
BetAmericaYes%100 first deposit bonus up to $100
TwinspiresYes$100 sign up bonus
NYRAYes$200 new member bonus

If you are seeking to watch the Belmont Stakes event, it will be aired yet again on NBC. NBC will air its Triple Crown broadcast this year, providing Belmont Stakes betters with an easy way to stay updated on their picks. NBC will also offer a Belmont Live stream through its mobile app or online. That way those who have done their research and placed their bets can view the races in real-time from the comfort of their homes.

But you don’t need to be a die-hard fan of horse racing to bet on the Triple Crown. There will be many sites offering sign-up offers as an incentive to get curious newcomers betting on these great races. Each site will offer Belmont Stakes predictions and statistics, giving you everything you need to make your pick.