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The Belmont Stakes 2020 Winner is Tiz the Law. The Belmont Stakes 2021 will take place on June 4-6.

Belmont Stakes Winners 2020

Tiz The Law won the 2020 Belmont Stakes, ridden by Jockey Manny Franco. Here is a video of the Grade 1 stakes. Dr Post and Max Player finished second and third, respectively.

Here is the full Belmont Stakes finish order for the 2020 race:

  1. Tiz the Law
  2. Dr Post
  3. Max Player
  4. Pneumatic
  5. Tap It To Win
  6. Sole Volante
  7. Modernist
  8. Farmington Road
  9. Fore Left

Belmont Stakes Payouts 2020

  • Tiz The Law: $3.60 to Win, $2.90 to Place, $2.60 to Show.
  • Dr Post: $5.80 to Win, $4.20 to Show.
  • Max Player: $5.20 to Show.

Belmont Stakes in the Triple Crown

Just like the Preakness Stakes, the only thoroughbred that is capable of automatically taking part in the competition is the horse that has a chance of winning the Triple Crown. This is the horse that has by this time won the previous 2 horse races. Afterward, the only remaining places available for your Belmont Stakes selections are 11.

The stern selection implies that only the top horses will be available for Belmont stakes betting plus this will only be done through career earnings to that point. The method employed here is similar to that used for the Preakness Stakes. Also, with the Kentucky Derby, it’s still done in the same way.

As a result of the 3-year age limit, it implies that a great deal of the Belmont Stakes selections is already known. They are known particularly by popular trainers putting forward their best horses. As usual, all our eyes are on the Belmont Stakes results particularly since it has been the scene of thirteen Triple Crown victors. 

belmont stakes horses

Photo credit: You As A Machine on VisualHunt / CC BY-SA

About the Belmont Stakes Horse Race

Belmont Stakes is a horse racing event of American Grade 1 thoroughbreds that’s held in June on one of the first two Saturdays of the month. The race is one and a half miles long. Runners that are up to three years old can take part in the event. With a very good reason, the racing was nicknamed ‘The Test of the Champion’. There is normally a massive amount of thrill surrounding the event both locally and on a global scale.

The Belmont Stakes comes as the 3rd and last phase of the Triple Crown. This is the time when most of the horses go for victory prior to a well-deserved rest. Most of the horses will have something like 3 races in 4 weeks. The Kentucky Derby takes place two weeks before whereas the Preakness Stakes being the week before.

Since the race was founded in 1867 it’s the oldest of the three. With the race being run more than 1.5 miles, it’s also the longest of the three. Even though similar to all the three, it’s a Grade I purebred horse racing event that is open to 3-year olds. The additional 2 races called names that relate to the flowers that that are normally draped over the winner. In Preakness Stakes its yellow flowers whereas in Kentucky its roses. It’s also the same for Belmont where the name ‘The Run For The Carnations’ refers to the race along with ‘The Test of the Champions’.

Belmont horse racing event is held in Belmont Park in New York and is a popular event that is well attended. It’s also has a high TV audience where many of the betters enjoy Belmont live stream broadcasts as they place their wagers. Although the expectation can be high if the Triple Crown is ongoing, Belmont stakes still it remains one of the most prestigious horse races in the world.

Online Betting on Belmont Stakes

Normally, the Belmont stakes odds will rely on the winner of the earlier 2 races. There are a couple of exceptional online gaming sites that will let you take part in Belmont Stakes Online Betting and offer you great value if you make the right selections. Lots of gamers try and win real money by choosing the next great horse to emerge from the triple crown races. It’s usually a great challenge and one that is enjoyed by numerous horse racing enthusiasts.

Needless to say, you must not be a diehard aficionado of horse racing to be able to choose a winner in these races. Many newbies will be taking advantage of welcome bonuses to take part in the Triple Crown, finishing with this amazing race.

The moment you’re on your preferred online gaming site and have searched for Belmont Stakes predictions, it’s as easy as making selections and crossing your fingers as you wait for the results. For racebooks like BetAmerica, 4NJBets and Twinspires, you’ll find dedicated past statistics sections where you can analyze all vital details to decide who will emerge the winner in the race and use that knowledge to try and win some cash. This is a superb advantage, especially for the less experienced punters. And through the Belmont live-stream broadcasts on these platforms, you’ll relish the race just as the jockey, winning trainer, and other horse racing enthusiasts out there in the field.

Belmont Stakes Live Betting Options

The following are some betting options that you have on your disposal.

Straight Bets

This is a name used to refer to the win, the place, and the show wagers. A ‘Win’ is a kind of straight bet which doesn’t get simpler than what the name suggests. All you do is choose the runner that you think will win and if it wins the race you win. A ‘Place’ wager is a kind of wager that normally pays less than the win bet since your odds of getting a reward, either way, get better. For this type of bet, you choose a horse you think will become first or runner up. There is also the ‘Show’ kind of wager that you make on a horse which you think will pace either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Another unique kind of straight bet that you may perhaps want to mull over is the ‘Across the Board’ wager. It’s just a simple way to say you are wagering on a horse to either become first, second or third (The first 3 spots) in the race. Here is an example to illustrate this:

Betting with $5 on an Across the Board wager essentially translates to betting on $5 to win, $5 to show, and $5 to place. So just in case the horse wins, you’ll win all the 3 bets, if the horse becomes number 2, you’ll cash on the place and show.

Exotic Bets

There are various types of exotic bets that you can make. One is the ‘Quinella’ type of wager. For this kind of wager, you have to accurately choose the horses that will become position 1 and 2.  The second type of exotic bet is the ‘Exacta’ which is quite similar to the Quinella. The only difference between the two is that for Exacta you have to pick the 2 finishing horses in the exact order.

Exacta pays better than Quinella since its more complex. Thirdly is the ‘Trifecta’ kind of bet which will require you to choose the exact order for the first 3 horses in the race. Lastly, we have the ‘Superfecta’ which has a cool payout if you can pull it off. This kind of wager requires you to choose the first 4 horses in the exact order of their finish.

These are some of the best types of bets you can utilize in the course of a Belmont live stream as you watch the race in real-time.

How to Box, Key or Wheel Your Exotic Types of Bets

Basically, a ‘Boxed’ kind of wager is taking each and every combination possible for an exotic.’ For instance say you like No. 6. No. 5, and No, 9 horses in a given race, but you’re not certain of the one which will win. You can box the 3 horses in a Trifecta and be sure of a win provided the 3 horses finish 1-2-3.

A ‘Key’ type of wager is where you have a given horse that you think will finish in a particular spot (most times than not to win). Afterward, you take every single combination with your other preferred horses. For instance, say you feel horse No. 3 will win though you’re not certain if horse No. 5, No. 6 and No. 9 are the best choices to finish your Trifecta. With a Key on horse No. 3 and No. 5, No. 6 and No. 9, you’ll still win provided horse No. 3 comes first and either of the three remaining horses finishes as number 2 or 3.   

With a ‘Wheel’ type of bet you simply choose the horse/horses you’re confident will win, place or show. The number you must choose relies on the Exotic you’re using. From there you can take every other likely combination based on the number of horses on the pitch.      


As you can see, its rather easy to walk away a winner from the Belmont Stakes betting because the winning horse here is often the one that won the previous events, i.e. the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. While there’s no such thing as a 100% sure bet, looking at the previous performances of each of the runners, their form and the trainers track record will give you a much better prediction.

As the event edges closer, make sure you grab the sports betting bonuses that are available in many of the reputable racebooks on desktop or through horse betting apps so that you can get more bang out of your buck. All the predictions discussed here aside, which runner to you think will take the trophy home? Feel free to jot down your thoughts down here, we’d like to know what you think!

Belmont Stakes Picks Guide
  • Belmont Stakes Guide

Belmont Stakes Guide

This guide’s objective is to aid in making your online horse wager smarter and more targeted. We want you to feel confident in your bet and hope that our content has fulfilled that purpose.